Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are You A Shemp?

The Shemps are movie and entertainment lovers who are tired of websites and message boards filled with snobbery, posturing, complaining, and rageaholic tweeners who should really ask Mommy before they use their computer. We don't see the point of denouncing a film or television show a year before it even comes out, or talking trash about something just because it's the in thing to do. See, we love all kinds of entertainment - highbrow, cheeseball, and everything in between - and we aren't ashamed to admit it.

We're movie geeks who actually like watching movies, perish the thought. You are all free to express an unflattering opinion of a movie or television show or whatever else here, but please - have a good reason for it! Trolls and repeat offender Negative Nancies will be subject to an enlightening process we Shemps like to call "Positivity Through Intimidation." We're faceless, anonymous schmucks, it's true, but that doesn't mean we can't be fun.

So welcome to The Movie Shemps. Read up, have fun, and post your ass off. That's why we're here.


The Shemps

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