Friday, August 28, 2009

Trends That Need To Die - Crocs

In an ongoing series, The Movie Shemps will take time out from hyper-analyzing movies and television shows to bring you what we think are Trends That Need To Die. In our first installment, let's talk a bit about what is quite possibly the ugliest fashion trend to ever slide its way down the pipe and somehow land on the ends of our legs. I'm talking about Crocs, of course, those molded plastic abominations that look like something not even Trailer Park Barbie would be caught dead in.

In short, if you're not a professional chef or five years old, stop it. While I am certainly not opposed to putting the Birkenstock people out of business, Crocs can't be the only way to do it. I would happily endure people tying newspapers and shoeboxes around their feet like homeless people if it meant that I never had to look at another pair of these godawful things ever again. Croc wearers, you are not quirky, cute, or anything of the sort. You look like a broke-ass Smurf. Deal with it.

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