Friday, August 28, 2009

I Want My Trash TV!

The murder of Jasmine Fiore, and the subsequent suicide of husband/suspect Ryan Jenkins of "Megan Wants A Millionaire", has led many to question the casting processes on VH1 shows by 51 Minds. Jenkins was a contestant on the deliriously campy "Megan" show, and had recently finished taping "I Love Money 3". Jenkins claimed to be the winner, but other reports have indicated that he won nothing more than the standard show stipend of $5000+. In response to the deaths and the criticisms, VH1 has cancelled both programs, "ILM3" before it ever aired a single episode. In their official statement, VH1 stated, "Given the unfortunate circumstances, VH1 has postponed any future airings. This is a tragic situation and our thoughts go out to the victim’s family." Frankly, I doubt anyone's feelings have ever stopped a reality show from airing. Vh1 is not to blame for what happened to Fiore, but they're behaving as though it is.

Megan is

This has left millions (okay, maybe just a million or so) fans of VH1 in a bitch tizzy over the cancellations of shows that Jenkins only had minor participation in. Even if Jenkins made it to the finals of MWAM, there are still many other cast members who take up air time, including the butterface supreme star herself, Megan Hauserman. The contestants on these shows are minor caricatures of real people who are easily forgettable until we're reminded of their catchy nickname. Ryan Jenkins didn't even have a nickname, though I admit this tragedy has caused some ghoulish joke suggestions to pop into my head. ("Bronco" and "David Copperfield" come to mind.) Jenkins could be edited out of most of MWAM, and no one would question why. Same with "I Love Money 3", a show that he reportedly did not go far in.

"Megan" was taped before Jenkins met Fiore. "ILM3" is a money competition, and not a romance show. There is no reason to cancel the shows, since they don't exploit Jasmine Fiore in any way. If the episodes are aired on the internet, as some have suggested, there would be virtually no profit for VH1.

Center is Her Royal Weaveness, season 2 winner Myamee

I agree with airing the shows on the internet, or editing the hell out of them and putting them on the air. We're being denied Megan's dazed vampiness and chicks-with-weaves-groveling-in-swimsuits competitions on ILM3 all because some asshole with a personality disorder couldn't handle his emotions and went nutso. Throw us a bone, VH1. Put out summaries of episodes, SOMETHING, because right now there's no closure, especially for Megan's show which aired just long enough to hook shameless trash-lovers like myself.

There's an online petition for I Love Money 3 to be aired. Here's the link. Save the Skanks, people.

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