Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dress Up Movie Montages Women Love...And One for the Guys, Too

Dress-Up Movie Montages have become as important a staple of women's films as training montages are for men's films. Often confused with the closely-related "Makeover Movie Montage", D.U.M. Montages (as I'll call them, for brevity's sake) are clothing-centered scenes while makeover montages involve putting makeup and sleek hairstyles on actresses we're supposed to pretend were unattractive before the straightening iron was applied.

Why do I love D.U.M. montages? Because in them, everything fits and there are no price tags. There's no asking, "Where would I wear this?" or "Will this trend be over by next week?"

Forget practicality and lose yourself in the shallow goodness of shopping and dressing up with these movies:

1. The Sweetest Thing - Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate raid a secondhand clothing store and recreate some well-known movie outfits, proving that girls can be sexy and spazzy all at the same time.

2. 27 Dresses- Katherine Heigl's perennial doormat bridesmaid models her collection of bridesmaid dresses for sneaky yet fuckable reporter James Marsden. We've all been subjected to fugly gowns with the promise that we'd wear them again. Seeing the "Grey's Anatomy" uber-bitch forced into a yellow tube top with matching skirt and opera gloves takes the sting out, just a little.

3. Pretty Woman- A fistful of cash, parties to dress for, and no one will help her shop? Poor Vivian, that's worse than being a Sunset Strip streetwalker! Never fear, a fairy godfather will rescue you. The montage is a modern chick classic. Cue the title song- Julia's got big fuckin hats to try on!

4. Sex in the City- The fashion fluent series-based movie knows its audience, because there are TWO dress up montages. One is Carrie's Vogue cover shoot, with wedding dresses by Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, Christian LaCroix, Lanvin, Dior, Oscar de la Renta, and Vivienne Westwood. The other displays Carrie's fashion (mis)adventures over the years, as she's packing up her apartment. Big awww moment when Sarah Jessica Parker models the tutu outfit worn in the opening credits of the TV show.

5. The New Guy- Here's the one for the menfolk & lesbatronics- Eliza Dushku tries on bikinis. Who cares why? Enjoy a clip of it!

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