Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kennedy and Quimby: Bastard Made Lovable

If Ted Kennedy did nothing else for the citizens during his 45 years in the Senate, he provided us with a very human view of American aristocracy. He reminded us why the Founding Fathers wanted to do away with aristocracy, actually.
But even with a stack of scandals, including an accidental (?) death, Teddy never backed down or walked away. You have to admire that kind of balls. And that accent, oh that accent. On The Simpsons, Mayor Quimby was a brilliant parody of Kennedy's lifestyle and nasal speech. A fifth season episode, called "The Boy Who Knew Too Much," skewered Teddy and his wayward nephews. Quimby's nephew Freddy mocks a snotty French waiter for mispronouncing what might be the ultimate Massachusetts word:

The Simpsons - Say Chowder

After the waiter is found badly beaten, Freddy goes on trial but is ultimately cleared by Bart, who witnessed the accidental injury of the waiter while he (Bart) was skipping school. Bart is applauded for his honesty but still receives detentions because rules are rules. The episode was a lesson in honesty that the Kennedy boys would have snickered at. And you know, I kind of prefer them that way.

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