Sunday, August 30, 2009

TRUE BLOOD: FRENZY episode 2.11

Last week on True Blood: hell broke loose in Bon Temps. The black-eyed crazed followers of Mary Ann captured Sam. Jason passed himself off as the God Who Comes, giving Sam time to shapeshift and escape. Tara's spell broke, and she embraced her mother. Bill sought out the vampire Queen of Louisiana for help with Mary Ann. Jessica and Maxine, Hoyt's momma, went at it, culminating in Jessica biting Maxine.

Bill arrives at Queen Sophie-Ann's quarters to find her drinking from the thighs of a blonde woman. Sophie-Ann (guest star Evan Rachel Wood)says, "Want to join me?"

Hoyt pulls Jessica off of his mother and defends her right to say negative things about him, since she's his mother. Maxine, still black-eyed, admits that she actually enjoyed the biting. Hoyt storms off with his mother, and Jessica cries, having lost her boyfriend.

Back at the queen's place, Sophie laments how humans don't taste as good as when she was first turned because "the Industrial Revolution fucked everything to hell." Discussing the maenad Mary Ann, Sophie-Ann states that as long as Mary Ann is convinced she is immortal, she will be. She notes that "faith can bend or even break the laws of physics." Bill doesn't know what to do with this information. Sophie says, "Shall we have sex?" At Bill's annoyed look, Sophie-Ann says, "Kidding! I haven't enjoyed sex with men since the Eisenhower Administration.

At Lafayette's house, Tara now freed wants to go save Eggs. Sookie objects and Tara protests that Sookie has put her own life in danger to save the man she loves and that Tara should be able to do the same. Lafayette refuses to let Tara go, securing her to the chair again with fuzzy purple handcuffs. Tara curses out her rescuers, and Lettie Mae cries.

At Sam's, Jason question Sam about shapeshifting. Sam wants to leave town but Jason and Andy want to fight back and save Bon Temps. Jason thinks this is Armageddon and wants to get guns and attack. Sam refuses, saying guns won't hurt Mary Ann. Jason then says, "Sometimes you have to destroy something in order to save it. It's in the Constitution." There are no words for how funny Jason is sometimes.

Outside, Sam hears something in the trees- it's Arlene's son and daughter, now hungry and dirty after being abandoned. Sam brings them inside, while Jason and Andy take off to prepare for the forthcoming battle.

Tara pleads with Lettie to let her go, playing on her mother's guilt and love. Lettie Mae prays for guidance.

Sookie and Lafayette discuss their connection to Eric, and Lafayette confirms that he too has sexual dreams about Eric now, and that he hates it. Lettie Mae comes out and wants to take the gun, pointing out that she taught Lafayette to shoot and can handle it. She takes the gun and turns it on Lafayette and Sookie. She shoots a shot off harmlessly and then demands that Tara be let go. Lafayette trembles and cowers, having a Post-Traumatic stress reaction to the violence. He sees Eric's face on Lettie's body, saying cruel things. Tara is freed and drives off with Sookie's loving parting remark: "You are a fucking idiot."

Jason and Andy arrive at the police station to find a blonde woman, who comes onto Jason. Jason allows her to, since it gives Andy the chance to raid the weapon's locker. Sheriff Dearborn turns up behind Andy and shoots off his gun, but misses. The Sheriff is black-eyed and pantsless and forces Andy to square dance with him. Eventually he grows distracted and wanders off.

Sookie throws a statue at Lettie Mae's head, knocking her over, giving Sookie and Lafayette the opportunity to grab the gun and get the hell out of there. Lafayette drives but will not put down the gun because he is terrified after facing the vision of Eric.

Tara finds Eggs at Sookie's house. He's black-eyed and happy to see her. Maryann says it's too late to get out. Mary Ann announces to Tara, "You summoned me." She relates that "You[Tara] saw you through me" during the exorcism last season. When Tara objects since Miss Jeanette was a fake, Mary Ann says that "Ritual is a powerful thing. Calling forth that kind of power has consequences." Maryann does her magic shaking thing, but it doesn't work on Tara. Mary Ann then punches Tara, who goes black-eyed. Tara and Eggs run upstairs hand in hand. The big crazy gang headed by Arlene and Terry arrives. They tell Mary Ann that the God smote Sam, and hand over Sam's discarded clothing. Mary Ann is enraged and the crazy gang scatters, hearing high pitched squealing in their heads.

At the Fortenberry home, Maxine has made a ghastly casserole for Mary Ann, consisting on potato chips, Twix bars, cheese and hot sauce. Her neck is bandaged, as a result of Jessica's attack. Hoyt and his mother argue, with her Maxine telling Hoyt that his father was not hero as he'd been told, that his dad was a secret drinker. Hoyt's father was not killed by a burglar, he committed suicide and Maxine's covered it up so that they'd get the insurance money. Hoyt is shocked and hurt by the lies. Maxine also notes that her husband was probably a closet homosexual since he "liked to dance more than a normal man should."

Sookie and Lafayette arrives at the Stackhouse family home. Sookie feels like the house has been defiled and so has Gran, in turn. Sookie is determined to kick Mary Ann out, and Lafayette asserts that he's going to shoot the maenad in the fucking head. Arlene and Terry drop out of the trees to intercept Sookie and Lafayette, but are distracted by handfuls of fun happy pills that Lafayette begins dropping on the ground. He leads them away, while Sookie enters the home.

Sam takes Arlene's kids to Fangtasia to talk to Eric. Eric and Pam aren't interested in helping, but Eric decides to help, possibly because this is the creature that clawed Sookie's back. Pam observes, "That thing owes me a pair of shoes." Arlene's kids wants to see Eric's fangs and he obliges. Pam rolls her eyes and says, "You make me so happy that I never had any of you." She observes that they're stupid, and Eric says, "But delicious." As the conversation ends and Eric agrees to assist, Pam says,"Please get those horrible things out of here." Outside, Eric says, "Good night, tiny humans" and flies away, impressing everyone.

In the Stackhouse home: Jane the drunken redhead is sawing off her finger. Skinny sitting in the sink, playing with something that look like an intestine. Nerdy coroner guy is on the floor, and brings up Gran's murder in the kitchen. He pulls Sookie down and spoons her. Sookie plays along for the moment.

Back at Sophie-Ann's place, Bill is lounging by a pool with a row of attractive blood donors available for him. Sophie-Ann insists that Bill drink from a man, and he obliges her but asks again to leave. The man offers to have sex, which Bill declines. Sophie-Ann says, "I love watching two men together!"

Lafayette runs into Mary Ann and Carl in the trees outside the house. Lafayette shoots Mary Ann, but it bounces off her hand and hits Carl in the head. Mary Ann shrugs it off, and says to Lafayette speculatively, "You cook, don't you?"

Sophie-Ann and Bill are playing Yahtzee and discussing Mary Ann and maenads again. The queen observes,"Gods only exist in human's mind, like money and moralty." Sophie-Ann explains that Mary Ann won't leave until she's convinced that the god has come, and ravaged her and taken her into death. For this to happen, she needs the perfect vessel,preferably a supernatural shapeshifter or Were creature, whom she'll devour while surrounded by her familiars. The blonde blood donor speaks to Bill. Her name is Hadley, and she asks, "How's my cousin Sookie?" Hadley hasn't been back to Bon Temps in a long time, and doesn't even know that Gran is dead. Bill doesn't tell her.

Bill is about to leave, when they announce Eric's arrival. Bill declines to hang around. Sophie-Ann notes, "All this alpha male posturing. You two should just fuck each other and get it over with. I'd love to watch." Yahtzee!

Bill questions Eric's motives for seeking Sophie-Anne's help, accusing Eric of trying to get closer to Sookie since he gave her blood. Eric points out that Bill gave Sookie blood too, on the very first night he met her. Bill is angry and threatens to tell the queen that Eric has been selling vampire blood.

Jason and Andy arrive for the big fight, and take a moment to carb-load in the truck. Jason ponders, "You think Sam can turn into a chicken and lay his own egg? Kinda weird, eating something that just came out of you." Jason and Andy discuss their not getting along in the past, and Andy says that Jason has had things too easy, being the star QB and getting all the women. Jason says that his knee is shot, and he works hard to get women, working out "like a motherfucker" and watching porn movies to learn new tricks.They decide that God wants them to bury the hatchet and save the town. They throw on their guns and ammo, and get going.

Bill appears in front of Sam, apparently back in Bon Temps. He doesn't say anything. Just kinda stares. Typical Bill.

Sookie escapes the creepy spooning coroner by offering to mount him, and then hitting him with a frying pan. Sookie goes through the house, and finds Tara and Eggs in a bedroom, tearing up the place. They announce they need to do it, and keep working on something on the bed. Sookie gets a closer look and WHOA- it's a nest with a big fricking egg in it.

Still staring, Lafayette comes up behind her and asks where she's been, touching her shoulder. Sookie turns around, and sees Lafayette- black-eyed!

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