Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Check Your Ears

I've been a Beastie Boys fan since I was 12. I feel I've grown up with the band, and no other music group has been as effectual on my entire personality and identity as they have. Everything from my sense of humor to fashion sense to musical taste has been affected by the Beasties, and I think the thing I'm the most proud of in making the statement is that they've never really sucked. Sure, they put out a few wack-ass B-sides early in their career, but besides that, they've always brought the goods to their fans. They didn't try to adhere to any current fad or trend at any point in their musical career, and in fact, they created a few of their own just by going their own way and making the music they wanted to make for themselves.

So on that note, I'm proud to pass on this collection of remixes done by Max Tannone (aka MintyFresh to those in the know) as part of the reissue of the Boys' 1992 classic album 'Check Your Head'. Max created these remixes by taking two songs off 'Check Your Head' and combining them into some seriously dope-ass remixes. Two songs got combined into an entirely new one for these remixes, and any fan of 'Check Your Head' should be able to recognize them without much trouble. As an added bonus, not only did Max take the time to create these remixes, he also had the brass cajones (and permission from the Beasties themselves, of course) to post them on the internet for free at his website Here's the embedded Flash player of all the remixes he made:

So that's six brand-new remixes of 12 old classics from 'Check Your Head', and as an added bonus, a brand-new remix of the Beasties' recent collaboration with Nas entitled 'Too Many Rappers'. Not only can you listen to the remixes in the player, but you can also download them for free just by clicking the 'Download' button next to each song. In addition, the entire remix EP is available for download at, once again for absolutely free. Ch-check it out!

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