Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SYTYCD Auditions: Boston

Audition City: Boston, at the Colonial Theater
Judges: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Tyce D'Orio,

I'm partial to this episode because I'm from Massachusetts and I love seeing dancers from cities I know. Cheesy but true. Represent please, Mass!

First up: Teddy Tedholm, 18, clad in clown pants and a bowtie. He dances to Jason Mraz's "If It Kills Me," the song Jason & Jeanine did their great routine to just last season, when they kissed at the end. Anyway...Teddy jumps around doing not much dancing but some interesting moves, fairly entertaining.The judges like it. Weird. They can't decide if he's crazy or brilliant. he's going straight to Vegas. How odd.

Next auditioner: Jean Lloret, 22. He's a breaker with crazy-good power moves. Mary and Nigel both start yelling when he executes a move, where he does a sort of handstand while moving his legs up around him very slowly. The judges give him a ticket to Vegas without even discussing it. He's amazing.

We briefly see a man named Kimara Wood. He's the one wearing black pants, has dreads, and a great chest, and looks like he's flying. Straight to Vegas.

Another anonymous successful guy flashes by.

Now we meet Channing Cooke, 18,from Haverhill, MA, who is an ice cream scooper. A young blonde- cue tenting in Nigel's shorts. She has a great legs. Her routine is Contemporary Blah. A lot of posing. It gets more interesting as she goes on, and she starts to display some talent. Mary and Tyce love her, and all three judges say yes to choreography.

How does a guy this tall get through life without hitting his head on every door? Ryan Casey, 18, from Lexington, MA, is 6'8", and of course Nigel makes a basketball joke. Ryan is a tapper, and dances to funky rap number. Nigel notes that he has "very well educated ankles." Mmmkay. Nigel also asks if he passes out when he goes to Denver. Ha yeah, very funny. Oy vey. They mention that he has flappy arms, and send him off to choreography

A krumper has never made it to Vegas. Why bother having a legendary krumper like Lil C on staff if krumping isn't going to cut it on SYTYCD? Also, why does Nigel always ALWAYS pronounce it "Little C"? It's irksome.
Russell Ferguson is a krumper and he's a pleasure to watch. I won't say "Buck!" because that's stupid...but it's a little buck. Tyce, channeling Mia, describes his routine positively as "filthy, dirty!" They send him to choreography to see if he can handle other styles.

Tyce imitates Molly Shannon's crazy "Iloveitiloveitiloveit!" leg in the air lady on SNL. It's disturbing.

Now we have Fabrizio "Breeze" Jenkins, 26, of Roxbury. Popping/hip hop style. He was a 10 lb baby and says that he's called "Breeze" since his mom said he was a breeze to birth, it only took two hours. That's funny, I thought he was called Breeze because it's short for Fa-BREEZE-io. He's a good dancer for a club, I'd say...until he appears to fall over after his ankle buckles, but he gets up and keeps going. "A lot of fun" Nigel says and, "Yes to choreography." Tyce says no, and comes down to Mary...she says yes to Choreo.

Anya and Pasha handle the Choreography round again this week with that same Latin ballroom music.

Breeze checks out quickly from Choreo, his ankle's too fucked up and he's out of his league.
Tall guy Ryan does not go through to Vegas
Channing the blonde, Russell the krumper (the first one ever to go through on the show!), and eight others are on their way to Las Vegas.

Day 2 in Boston

Nigel opens the day by addressing the auditioners, and tells them to go home if they're not a star.
On to the auditions...

Married couple Karen and Matthew Hauer, both 27, are Latin ballroom dancers. They do a very good routine, sexy and they're very comfortable with each other obviously. Mary calls the wife "One hot tamale!" They both get tickets to Vegas.

Incidentally, Mary looks prettier and less bloated, I think the Botox finally settled in.

Cheesy Latin lovah Gene Bersten, 21, tries out solo. He works his hips constantly, shows off his ass, and does a split that quite frankly scared me. Mary calls him a Hottie Patottie. He then rips his shirt open, thereby tearing his number in half. Bwahaha. The judges advise Gene to control his face more, especially his eyebrows. Off to Choreography he goes.

We now meet the batshit crazy Paul Magliato, 46, a creepy bald dude in blue spandex who has the dead stare of a serial killer. He's too old for the competition, but of course they let him try out anyway so they can mock him. He sucks, naturally.

Some crappy auditions breeze by. There's a montage of Tyce acting like a dick, but it's Tyce, so he's still not that mean. Quick question, Tyce: how can dancing be like "nails on a chalkboard"? That expression applies to sound, not to sight. But I digress.

Kevin "Kbez" Hunte auditioned two seasons ago, and is a hip hop dancer. he says he's been training in contemporary but the judges feel he didn't show it. He's off to Choreography to prove himself.

Choreography Round, Day 2: Kbez and Gene, and 21 others are sent to Vegas! Did I hear them right? 21 sounds like way more than usual. Oh well.

Next week: Atlanta..y'all!

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