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Detailed recap will follow the review. Just finished watching, so this my from-the-gut analysis and opinion.

It was a mess.

Occasionally fun, but on the whole, a dark, wandering, underwhelming mess. Not enough Eric, Lafayette, and Jessica, no Pam at all. There was no tension, only a sense of strolling towards the inevitable conclusion. It was a serviceable finale, but lacked excitement and sparkle.

There were some good bits, moments with potential. Lafayette wearing the women's toga-style dress with matching headwrap instead of the men's costume was funny. Sophie Ann's view on egalitarian board games. Arlene's kids acknowledging that Rene was not on vacation as she is STILL claiming, her young daughter saying, "I'm pretty sure he's dead."

The resolution of the central issue, Mary Ann, was handled logically enough but with one hole. How is Sam supposed to turn into a white bull if he isn't seeing one? They explained before that that was how Sam managed his shapeshifting.

I liked that Sam was the hero, and will have more storyline next season as we learned at the end of this episode that his foster parents had his real parents' names.
Overall, that was weak. Damn. What went wrong?



In the, black-eyed Lafayette forces Sookie to change into a white gown and brings her downstairs to find MaryAnn wearing Gran's wedding dress. Sookie is going to be her maid of honor. MaryAnn says she would've taken Sookie over by now if she were human. She's holding Sookie hostage because she knows Sam will try to save Sookie. They discuss her wedding, and Sam not being human, and how he's the wedding gift.

Sophie-Ann and Eric are playing Yahtzee in her pretty room. She loves Yahtzee because it's egalitarian and natural superiority doesn't matter in this game. They discuss Sookie and Bill's romance. Eric denies half-heartedly being in love with Sookie. Eric also says that Bill doesn't know that Sophie-Ann is the one supplying the V to Eric for Lafayette to sell. Sophie-Ann warns Eric not to tell, and he agrees. They continue to play Yahtzee even though Eric sucks at it.

Jason & Andy try to rush the Stack-house, with weapons, but are intercepted by Terry and friends. Jason finds Andy in the crowd, and Andy is now black-eyed. He punches Jason, whose eyes turn black as well. Why are Andy's eyes going black NOW when they never have before? Plot hole or misunderstanding, I have no idea.

Bill fetches Sam forcefully, to go save Sookie.

The big egg from last week's cliffhanger is an ostrich egg, symbol of fertility and an offering for the God Who Comes. The bridesmaids take turns licking it.

Sookie agrees to go outside with everyone when MaryAnn threatens Jason. Outside, Bill trades Sam for Sookie and the men secure him. MaryAnn chants and talks about the God Who Comes's myth. Wedding music plays discordantly.

Eggs stabs Sam in the chest, while Sookie cries and is unable to summon that electricity power thingy again. She hears Sam's voice in her head, and he says to destroy the egg and the twig-idol it's in. She does this effectively, pissing off everyone. MaryAnn decides that she'll sacrifice the crowd instead, and starts shrieking. She stops, and sticks her hands in the ground, and has the big ole three-talon clawhands again. Sookie runs for her life and of course eventually falls.

A giant white bull comes out of the trees. MaryAnn is ecstatic and embraces him as the God, and he gores her. MaryAnn realizes that she is the sacrifice, and says that she is happy to die for him. The giant bull gores her repeatedly. The bull then changes form and becomes Sam. He tears her heart out, and MaryAnn sees that there was no God.
The black eyes of the crowd disappear, and everyone is normal again. They don't remember what happened at all.

back in the Fortenberry home, Hoyt's momma's eyes are normal. She finds the bites on her neck and realizes that Jessica bit her. He says something provoked Jessica into doing it, made his mother say mean things and tell lies about him, and his daddy. Momma admits that his dad DID kill himself. She's scared of losing Hoyt, she lied for 18 years, so she wouldn't be alone. Hoyt says he wished Jessica had finished her off, and storms off.

Jane the redheaded drunk screams as she finds her finger in the twig-idol pile. Jason offers Arlene a ride home and offers Jane a ride to the ER.
Sheriff Dearborn offers Andy his badge back, and Andy swears off drinking.

Sam sees a deer in the trees and tears up. Probably thinking of that dumb whore Daphne. Bill thanks Sam for trusting him and revealing himself to save the town. Sam turns, the deer is gone.
Eggs wants to know what he doesn't remember, but he has blood on his hands. Tara won't tell him.
Tara apologizes to Sookie for bringing all that stuff into her house.
Bill and Sookie cuddle for the brief time left before sunrise.

Merlotte's is open the next day. Everything's going back to normal. Arlene's kids tell her that Sam took them to see vampires and one could fly! She's sorry for everything that happened. Terry gives the kids toy guns, and says he'll look after Arlene when she's at work. It's revealed that Arlene is still telling the kids that Rene aka Drew Marshall the dead murderer is still on vacation and not rotting in the ground. The kids ain't buying it.
Gossipy customers discuss how a gas leak has caused the widespread memory loss. Sam "confidentially" tells them that a bad batch of vodka was pure ethanol and that caused it.
jane the drunk says a croc at her finger when she was at the lake.
Andy remembers everything, and the customers think he's still drinking because he contradicts her story.
Sam and Sookie talk, and he tells her needs a few days away and asks her to look after things.
They're interrupted when a present comes, from a fancy French-named boutique. It's a lavender floaty dress from Bill, for a special dinner at a French restaurant. Awwww.

Eggs approaches Sookie, wanting to know what he did. Sookie reads his mind, and they see Jeanette and Daphne's murders and him stabbing Sam. Eggs is horrified and runs off.
Jessica is off to see Hoyt, and Bill to see Sookie. She's going to apologize to Hoyt.
Sam goes back home to Mrs. Merlotte. She apologizes for abandoning him. Sam wants to meet his real parents. She says they're bad people and resists telling him. sam's foster dad gives him paper with names and a city and says he's sorry. Damn there's a lot of apologizing in this episode!

Jessica stops for a bite to eat at a truckstop, while Hoyt leaves flowers at her door. She's not there because she's eating a trucker. Bad girl.

Eggs approaches Andy with the murder weapon, confessing, and Andy tries to get the knife from him. Eggs lunges at Andy, panicking, and Jason comes from behind and shoots and kills Eggs. Andy tells Jason to go, he'll handle it. People come out of the bar and Tara weeps over Eggs's body.

Bill and Sookie dine French. Blah. He gives her tickets to Burlington, VT, and an engagement ring. Apparently vamp marriage is legal in VT. Sookie's dreamed of this since she was a little girl, but Sookie can't say yes. What happens when she grows old? And she doesn't even know what she is. She runs off to the bathroom to clean herself up. Bill looks sad, as usual.
She tries the ring on. Looks in the mirror, and smiles.
Someone with a silver chain grabs Bill from behind, in the restaurant.
Sookie fixes her makeup and goes out to the restaurant, resolved to say yes to the proposal. Bill is gone, the room in disarray. Oh dear.


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