Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finally, a new episode of GLEE!

In the second episode of Glee, life continues on as usual for the Glee gang.

Ambitious lead singer Rachel pines for jock-turned-singer Finn who has a girlfriend, and teacher Emma pines for Glee club advisor Will Schuester ("Mr. Shu"), whose wife is expecting their first child. The social divide at the school still exists, of course, and early on in the show, we see the pert teen flamer Kurt getting tossed into a dumpster, while he sighs with resignation, "One day you will all work for me."

Mr. Shu is set on the Glee Club performing, "Le Freak", which won Nationals for Glee in 1993. The group isn't crazy about the song, and Kurt refers to it as "really gay."

Sue Sylvester, competitive and vindictive cheerleading coach, shares with Mr. Shu a handbook that states Glee must have at least twelve members to take part in regionals. The club sets about recruiting more members.

Mr. Shu's wife Teri has her heart set on a new house for their expanding family. He knows they don't have the money for what she wants, but they tour model houses. As Mr. Shu brings Kanye's "Gold Digger" to the club, and Mercedes leads the song with Mr. Shu, we see Teri looking at the houses and planning.

Rachel is upset that Finn is staying with Quinn, his cheerleader girlfriend who has had unkind words for Rachel many a time. Emma Pillsbury finds Rachel in the girl's room, making retching sounds. Rachel denies being bulimic and when Emma points out the traces of vomit by the toilet, Rachel explains that, 'The girl throwing up before me left that." She elaborates, "I tried but I guess I just don't have a gag reflex.' Emma tells her,'One day when you're older that will turn out to be a gift.'
Rachel feels better after their conversation, and it becomes apparent that Emma has strong yet confused feelings for Will.

Will is working late at the school as a janitor, and runs into Emma. She shares with him the root of her neuroses (an unfortunate dairy farm visit) and they share a cute moment with chalk on her nose. Sensing that they're crossing a line, Emma pulls back, reminding Will and herself that he has a baby coming.

The social class struggle continues when Finn and Rachel use the cheerleaders' photocopying machine to make flyers. Sue Sylvester wants blood, but the principal is happy to find a compromise, Glee paying the Cheerleaders for the copies.

Rachel joins the Celibacy Club but can't help speaking out about the unrealistic teachings that present an all or nothing philosophy. This is a very unsubtly written scene. However, her time in the club helps Rachel decide what they should perform at the school rally. Glee Club offers up Salt-n-Pepa's "Push It", in a shocking but great performance. The audience goes wild, and the teachers are very upset with Rachel and the club. The cheerleading coach notes, "That was the most offensive thing I've seen in twenty years of teaching, and that includes an elementary school production of Hair."

In a surprising turn of events, Coach Tanaka approaches Emma Pillsbury, asking her to Tulipalooza, which is pretty much what it sounds like. Emma declines politely. Coach Tanaka tells Emma that he is a good man, and that he could provide for her since he's a minority and can never get fired. He's aware that she is interested in Will, though he doesn't actually say it.

Rachel and Finn kiss during rehearsal. He has an instinctive reaction to arousal that takes him back to the moment of a car accident where he was driving, and this spoils the moment.

Quinn, the bitchy cheerleading girlfriend of Finn, auditions for Glee with two of her friends. She does very well with "Say A Little Prayer For You." Coach Sue Sylvester approves of this move, since Quinn & Co. can be her spies.

Teri Schuester goes to her OB/GYN to check on the baby's progress. The doctor tells her that she is not pregnant at all, it is a hysterical pregnancy. That night Teri tries to tell Will she isn't pregnant over a special dinner, but she chickens out at the last moment and tells him that the baby is a boy. Teri tells Will that they don't need a new house after all.

Will gives the solo in "Don't Stop Believin'" to Quinn, since Rachel is in trouble for the "Push It" stunt. Rachel asks to use the auditorium. She sings the Rihanna song, "Take a Bow," backed by Mercedes and Tina, about her feelings for Finn, and his continued relationship with Quinn.

Next week:

Quinn continues her sabotage, nudging Rachel into pressuring Mr Shu to bring in a choreographer.

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