Sunday, September 13, 2009


Some speculation, but a lot of character and plot spoilers from True Blood season 3 and Club Dead, book 3 of Charlaine Harris's Sookie series. Consider yourself warned!

Alan Ball spoke to TV Squad recently and shared several details about season three, which will appear nine months from now. Some characters from Club Dead, the third Sookie book, will be appearing although it's not clear how closely the series writers will stay to the original creations. Stop reading if you don't want to know which new characters will be joining True Blood!

It looks like Alcide Herveaux and Debbie Pelt will be crossing Sookie's path in season 3. Alcide Herveaux is a good-looking werewolf who flirts with Sookie, and Debbie, a werefox, is his vicious and unfaithful ex-fiance. Debbie isn't through with Alcide and makes bloody trouble for Sookie. Ball describes Debbie Pelt as "just hard ass, white trash bitch on wheels," so it sounds like they're staying close to the book's character on at least one account.

The shady older-looking vampire Franklin Mott, and Russell Edgington, the vamp king of Mississippi (both from Club Dead) are coming to True Blood as well. Franklin is involved with Tara, but the book's reserved boutique-owning Tara is very different from the mouthy, aggressive Tara on the HBO series. It's unknown if Franklin will be involved in the same situations and relationships on the show.

Russell's appearance makes me think that True Blood will be using at least some of Club Dead's plot involving Bill Compton's disappearance into Mississippi, courtesy of Lorena. Sookie meets Alcide when he's asked to help her locate Bill.

More spicy Lorena bitch-time!

It looks like TB will use the same basic plot, and from there, the writers will add or change situations and characters as they have the first two seasons. The TV Squad's interview with Ball backs that up, with him saying, "“At the beginning of each season, we go through the books, pick out the points we really love, and pick out the points we think would make a great cliffhanger moment at the end of an episode. Then we start to wrap the other characters in…"

Ball and the writers have done a very clever job of working with Charlaine Harris's stories to use their best story points, and to build on the minor characters to create a strong supporting television cast.

Another very fun spoiler that Alan Ball is sharing is that Andy Bellefleur will shockingly find out he's related to another Bon Temps resident. This is a detail from Charlaine Harris's books as well. Stop reading here if you don't want to know! Answer is after the jump.

Bill Compton's daughter married into the Bellefleur family, so Bill is a direct ancestor of the current Bellefleur clan.

This is going to be an agonizing nine months, waiting for new episodes. Tonight's finale will be (I hope) one last great meal before a long boring hibernation.

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  1. I didn't watch True Blood season 1, because honestly I was feeling vampired out... this year I caught episode 2 of season 2, and since then I've been hooked like a crack addict. Can't wait to see what the finale has in store for us.